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Friday, January 11, 2008

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I saw this at the busstop where i take my bus home from biopolis everyday. Just like any other notice advertising for room rentals and such, the end of the notice was cut into strips with a phone number written on it. Only difference is that the title of the notice read: Marriage.

'Looking for a sigle (sic) white aged between 42 to 60 as a mankind (sic) partner, please contact ms zhang.' is what i saw. I wanted to take photos of the notice, but i didn't have my camera with me that day. Didn't expect to see this on the news! haha..

"One woman from China knows exactly who she wants as a husband - a Caucasian - never mind that she doesn't speak a word of English.

And she's going about it in her own way. No more match-making agencies for her, thank you very much.

After she failed to get results through a match-making agency, Ms Zhang Xue Hong, 42, opted for a do-it-yourself (DIY) 'manhunt'.

For the past two weeks, she has been sticking up notices on lamp-posts along Taman Warna and other streets in Holland Village.

Bemused residents have been seeing - alongside the usual notices for garage sales and lost pets - her handwritten personal ad, titled 'Marriage'.

It reads, in broken English: 'Looking for a sigle (sic) white aged between 42 to 60 as a mankind (sic) partner, please contact ms zhang.'

It lists a Singapore handphone number, a China telephone number and address, and her e-mail address.

When contacted, Ms Zhang, who lives in Tianjin, said that she has been to Singapore twice in search of her elusive 'white knight'.

She revisited Singapore last month after her first attempt five months ago through a local match-making agency was unsuccessful.

She returned to China on Monday as her social visit pass was about to expire.

Ms Zhang, who does not speak English, painstakingly used an electronic dictionary to translate the words..."

full article from here

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sherwin Nuland, the surgeon and author, talks about the development of electroshock therapy as a cure for severe, life-threatening depression. Midway through, his story turns personal. It's a moving and deeply felt talk about relief, redemption, second chances.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hans Rosling debunks myths about the so-called "developing world" using extraordinary animation software developed by his Gapminder Foundation. The Trendalyzer software (recently acquired by Google) turns complex global trends into lively animations, making decades of data pop. Asian countries, as colorful bubbles, float across the grid -- toward better national health and wealth. Animated bell curves representing national income distribution squish and flatten. In Rosling's hands, global trends -- life expectancy, child mortality, poverty rates -- become clear, intuitive and even playful.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

** it's GIS day tmr! **

I happened to check my Earth Calender today, and i found that tmr is GIS day!! What a cool day!! haha.. And i managed to trick alot of pple abt it.. hehe.. what fun~

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Friday, November 09, 2007

** Demonic Visitation explained **

I used to hear about such things called gui3 ya1 chuang2 or demonic visitations, especially on Taiwanese variety shows. They make it sound so scary, but i never knew what they meant, until i experienced it for myself--not so coincidentally in Taiwan. It was scary.. really.. but i am not one who believes in such things, but prefers to take things from a scientific point of view. Indeed, there is a scientific explanation behind what many cultures have long thought to be a demonic/spiritual attack.

For those who dunno what i am describing, "Sleep paralysis is a condition characterized by temporary paralysis of the body shortly after waking up or, less often, shortly before falling asleep. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the bodily paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully aware, but unable to move. In addition, the state may be accompanied by hallucinations.

More often than not, sleep paralysis is believed by the person affected by it to be no more than a dream. This explains many dream recountings which describe the person lying frozen and unable to move. The hallucinatory element to sleep paralysis makes it even more likely that someone will interpret the experience as a dream, since completely fanciful, or dream-like, objects may appear in the room alongside one's normal vision. Some scientists have proposed this condition as a theory for alien abductions and ghostly encounters.

Sleep paralysis occurs during REM sleep, thus preventing the body from manifesting movements made in the subject's dreams. Very little is known about the physiology of sleep paralysis. However, some have suggested that it may be linked to post-synaptic inhibition of motor neurons in the pons region of the brain. In particular, low levels of melatonin may stop the depolarization current in the nerves, which prevents the stimulation of the muscles, to prevent the body from enacting the dreamt activity (e.g. preventing a sleeper from flailing his legs when dreaming about running).

Several studies have concluded that many or most people will experience sleep paralysis at least once or twice in their lives.

During paralysis episodes, patients may be advised to try moving the facial muscles and moving eyes from one side to the other. This may hasten the termination of the attack."

For more information, visit wikipedia

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Monday, November 05, 2007

** Sleep more to stay slim!! **

More excuses to sleep more! Not only do early nights help in the rejuvenation of your skin (and thus make you prettier.. that's where 'beauty sleep' comes from), sleep also keeps you slim! Now now, isn't staying pretty easy after all? Just lay in bed!! ^_^

"In experiments by Van Cauter and others, sleep-deprived adults produced more ghrelin, a hormone that promotes hunger, and less leptin, a hormone that signals fullness..." Get the full article here.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

** AACR **

Woot~ My first real conference.. hope the pre-conference workshop would be fun too! ^_^

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

** Eat your Cutlery!! **

I chanced upon this website, on G-living. Green-living, the new age way of living.. to save the earth!

The website has information of various items that can help you do your part in saving the environment, ranging from cars to hand dryers to edible cutlery! Yes.. my favourite.. edible cutlery!! ^_^

A whole lot of parties, a whole lot of plastic cutlery.

Cutlery? Not exactly what you’re focused on this time of year, but when you consider all the events on all the calendars around the world and all the guests that will probably nosh on various holiday goodies (a party without food is not a party worth attending), it adds up to a lot of disposable silverware. The plastic kind, while convenient – you buy it, use it, then throw it away – is disastrous for our planet. Once it goes into the earth in the form of a landfill, it stays there for hundreds of years.

That’s why I was excited to discover SpudWare™. Just in time for all of your holiday events, this heat tolerant disposable silverware is completely compostable. These fully functioning forks, spoons and knives come are made from 80% potato starch and 20% soy or similar vegetable oils. They’re just as durable as the plastic stuff, but they biodegrade in 180 days.

It’s a cool stustainable alternative to petroleum based cutlery. It can even be washed and used again if you’re a frugal party planner. But you needn’t worry. Twenty bucks can buy you a party pack of 50 forks, 50 spoons and fifty knives.

The full article can be found here.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Office of Life Sciences, NUS, together with Baden Wurttemberg, will be holding the NUS-Baden Wurttemberg Joint Scientific Conference in Life Sciences in the fields of Immunology, Cancer, Tissue Engineering and Translational Research. Location: Centre of Life Sciences (CeLS), NUS.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

** Methane Burp--the end of human kind? **

In response to Al Gore's film, my prof brought out a point that CO2 is not exactly the main greenhouse gas that we should be wary of. The scariest greenhouse gas is methane, which is 20 times stronger as a greenhouse gas as compare to CO2. However, where does methane come from? They're all hidden quietly, a ticking time bomb buried in the Arctic tundra. When global warming has caused the earth's temperature ot rise above the threshold for these hidden time bombs, a sudden emergence of methane called a 'methane burp' will occur. Then.. will humans survive that episode?

Read the full article on Methane Burps: Ticking Time Bomb. A follow up article is also available here.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A highly recommended film by Al Gore. I watched this during a class on a saturday morning. (Hey, i know this sounds pathetic, but it was coz my teacher got stuck in China due to some plane delays, and we had to rearrange our class time.) It was a class on ethics, and the show was to pose us the question: is it ethical to ignore environmental problems and allow future generations to suffer because of our negligence? Al Gore is indeed a very good lecturer, and i thoroughly enjoyed this 90minute film featuring him. Go watch!! ^_^

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Friday, October 12, 2007

** For the biologists only **

I was browsing through some NewScientist magazines (they're so much easier to read, like Newsweek.. rather than those dense scientific journals!) and i came across this really exciting piece of news! We all know that siRNAs are widely used to silence genes.. but.. did you know that they've been discovered to be able to OVEREXPRESS genes as well??? here's an abstract of the article..

  • 07 April 2007
  • Bob Holmes
  • NewScientist Magazine issue 2598

THE experiment should have been straightforward. Long-Cheng Li was employing the hottest new technique in biology to turn off genes in cells growing in a dish. The trouble was that the opposite was happening. Instead of blocking production of the protein he was targeting, his RNAs seemed to be revving it up. In fact, levels of the protein shot up fivefold - a massive increase.

"At first I thought there must be something wrong with the samples, that we'd mislabelled them or messed up," recalls Li, a molecular biologist at the University of California, San Francisco. So he had his technician do it all again from scratch - with the same result.

That pulled Li up short. RNA interference, as the technique is called, is supposed to turn genes off, not on. All over the world researchers were using RNAi to turn off almost any gene they wanted, and its ...

I'm so sorry i have no access to the full online version of this article. But the magazine info is there.. so u can still find it at libraries ^_^ It's mainly saying that siRNAs that target promoters instead of the gene itself have a chance of having the opposite effect, i.e. overexpression. This phenomenon has been observed by multiple labs, but some scientists remain skeptical over this issue. There has also been no definite 'fool-proof' method for creating such siRNAs as yet. But think about it. if one day siRNAs can be used to overexpress tumor suppressor genes.. there goes cancer!! ^_^

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I love the optical illisions offered at the end.. ^_^ (i did those before in Penn.. and got paid! hehe~)

Philosopher Dan Dennett makes a compelling argument that not only don't we understand our own consciousness, but that half the time our brains are actively fooling us. As he puts it, our bodies are made up of 100 trillion little robots, none of them with an individual consciousness. So what makes us feel we have one? Or that we're in control of it? Dennett's hope is to show his audience that "Your consciousness is not quite as marvelous as you may have thought it is." He uses thought experiments and optical illusions to demonstrate to the TED audience that even very big brains are capable of playing tricks on their owners. taken from TedTalks

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Monday, October 01, 2007

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

What Mary Didn't Know.** Mary is confined to a black-and-white room, is educated through black-and-white books and through lectures relayed on black-and white television. In this way she learns everything there is to know about the physical nature of the world. She knows all the physical facts about us and our enviroment, in a wide sense of 'physical' which includes everything in completed physics, chemistry, and neurophysiology, and all there is to know about the causal and relational facts consequent upon all this, including of course functional roles. If physicalism is true, she knows all there is to know. For to suppose otherwise is to suppose that there is more to know than every physical fact, and that is what physicalism denies.

Physicalism is not the noncontroversial thesis that the actual world is largely physical, but the challenging thesis that it is entirely physical. This is why physicalists must hold that complete physical knowledge is complete knowledge simpliciter. For suppose it is not complete: then our world must differ from a world, W(P), for which it is complete, and the difference must be in nonphysical facts: for our world and W(P) agree in all matters physical. Hence, physicalism would be false at our world [though contingently so, for it would be true at W(P)].1

It seems, however, that Mary does not know all there is to know. For when she is let out of the black-and-white room or given a color television, she will learn what it is like to see something red, say. This is rightly described as learning--she will not say "ho, hum." Hence, physicalism is false. This is the knowledge argument against physicalism in one of its manifestations.2

**[ Excerpt from Frank Jackson's, "What Mary Didn't Know", in The Journal of Philosophy LXXXIII, 5 (May 1986):291-95.]

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The MIT Media Lab's John Maeda lives at the intersection of technology and art -- a place that can get very complicated. Here, he talks about paring down to basics, and how he creates clean, elegant art, websites and web tools. In his book Laws of Simplicity, he offers 10 rules and 3 keys for simple living and working -- but in this talk, he boils it down to one simply delightful way to be.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

** Illusion of That Shrinking Feeling **

Was doing some research on the brain, when i came across this. So fun! haha.

The researchers, led by Dr. H. Henrik Ehrsson of University College London, fooled 17 people into feeling as if they were getting skinnier by outfitting them with gadgets that stimulated a tendon in each wrist to create the false sensation that both hands were moving inward.

The subjects wore blindfolds and placed their hands at their waists, and then the stimulators were turned on, while an M.R.I. scanner measured activity in different parts of the brain. For the subjects, the feeling that their wrists were flexing inward was so powerful that they felt their waists had to be getting smaller.

Dr. Ehrsson said he had tried the tricks on himself.
"It's a very funny sensation," he said. "The nose is my favorite. It really feels like your nose is getting longer. You start giggling."

The first time people feel the illusions, "they're very surprised and shocked," Dr. Ehrsson said.

"The illusion happens as a result of a conflict between senses," Dr. Ehrsson said, explaining that the wrists feel as if they are moving, but the palms of the hands, resting against the waist, do not. "The brain has to interpret the conflicting sensory information. The brain hates ambiguity. It always tries to come up with an explanation."

"It's a little bit of a forgotten sense," he said. "We know about touch, pain and position, but the sense of size of body parts has been a mystery. There are no receptors in skin or muscle that tell the brain the size of body parts, so the brain has to figure it out by comparing signals."

He said the research might shed light on anorexia, in which people can be wasting away, and yet still see themselves as fat. Shown body images on a screen and asked to adjust them to match their own size, people with anorexia often overestimate and create images that are way too large.
"They seem to have a perception deficit," Dr. Ehrsson said. "We don't know if it's the cause of anorexia, probably not, but it's clearly part of the problem."

Dr. Ehrsson's finding was not surprising, since other studies had shown that people with brain injuries in that area had sensations suggesting that the sizes and shapes of parts of their bodies had changed.
Also, in rare cases, people with migraine headaches suffer from the "Alice in Wonderland syndrome," in which they feel as if parts of their bodies are shrinking.

The full article is taken from the NY time here.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

** I have moved **

Due to problems with this current blog, i have moved to my new blog.. being the sentimental person i am, i have chosen to stick to the same name.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

** Warning: extremely long post **

2 weeks of no timbre due to exams, and I was really excited to go back again on Friday. Timmy was due to play, after a week of break since they were performing in NewYorkCity for Singapore Day. ChiefFoodie booked our ‘dream seats’ online, and I reserved a separate table for Footprints, as they had expressed a desire to chill out there after exams. However, upon arrival, CF was not assigned the seat we had requested for. Being the 2nd best seats, we were fine with it. Then, D (whom CF finally introduced to me) dropped by, and we found out that we weren’t given our desired seats as we needed 5-6 people to take that counter. Thus, we got out bookings for 5 pple the following night. YAY!!~ Then D told us that Timmy would not be playing that night, as they had just returned from NYC and needed rest. Boohoo! >.< (ah, just as well.. so a 2nd best seat is fine since timmy’s not playing).

I had to hop between the 2 tables to entertain the few of them who were punctual, before the rest arrived. Unfortunately, it ended up that other members of Footprints who had originally wanted to go timbre had backed out last minute. Thus the 2 of them decided to leave even before the live music started. How disappointing for them. Bong arrived soon after, and I was happy that I have these 2 super onz FSC members who do not cancel anything last minute. ^_^

The replacement band wasn’t too fantastic, and the 3 of us weren’t really pleased. Though D managed to shift us to our desired seats later on (where we got a preview of what we’d experience the next night when Timmy would be playing again), we decided to leave in search of better entertainment. We ended up at Harry’s bar@boatquay. My first time there! It was crowded, thus we got seats outside, away from the action. I was fine with it though.. the music was good, and I preferred being outdoors. However, the other 2 insisted on shifting in when people left. Just as well, coz we would have missed out on all the REAL action if we hadn’t!

I quote bong’s blog:
“it got quite exciting later on - there was a brawl, and the bouncers had to drag (literally! His head knocked onto the legs of a stool - ouch) some drunk troublemaker out the bar, and laid him on the street in the alley. He moaned and tossed around abit before attempting to enter the bar again by the side door (near where we sat, so we were quite nervous about it!). The bouncers kept shuffling back and forth, and eventually the police came and the girl whom the guy's with made a statement. Exciting stuff, although not TOO heartstopping!”

Whoa.. it was really scary for me, coz I was directly in the line of action. When the 4 bouncers were dragging that guy out, I was so frightened he’d suddenly jump up and grab me or something, so I got out of my seat to shift nearer to bong! And because my seat was facing the door (and about 2 metres away) from where the guy was thrown out, I kept my eyes locked on it throughout the night, coz I could see the guy getting up, face all scrunched up in anger/pain, right hands till grabbing his left shoulder as if in pain, and then staggering to the door, trying to pry it open. Like a zombie. Scary.

To think that Bong said that I looked all calm throughout it all. I think I can act cool and act glam really well!! XD

At least, when I left Harry’s that night, a Mark Owen-lookalike smiled at my direction on my way out. Haha. A nice closing to the exciting night ^_^


The exciting weekend did not end there. Saturday night we all trooped back to timbre, for this weekend was a special weekend where timmy performed on Saturday too! ^_^ (2 bands, timmy and WestGrandBoulevard playing) And not only special because of that.. but besides the 3 of us timbre regulars, Bong brought along Ivy (her friend whom I met when I went to OrchardPresChurch, and also the head of the IMH place that we helped to paint not long ago).. and I brought along someone else to make up the 5 pple required to get the good seats.. see who I brought?

YES! MY MUM!!! Whoahaha.. she wanted to go herself.. and since she knew the bassist who’d play tt night, why not? My mum is cool anyway.. ^_^

And we had the best seats that night! Why are they best seats? 1, I love sitting on high chairs. 2, these high chairs had back rests (available only for 2 counters, the other which we had the past 2 times). 3, there was no tree to block the view (which is common since timbre is outdoors.. and those trees contribute significantly to the ambience that I like so much). 4, secret. lol WOOHOO~

Yes, so I was really happy. One thing though. It was special event that night, so there was an additional banner on the side of the stage, that nicely blocked our view of the bassist and drummer! I asked D if he could possibly shift the banner.. but he said no. Ah well, advertisement mah.. so dun make this difficult for them. I was happy enough with the seats and the view and the music. ^_^ And the bassist, C, saw my mum and came to chat to her. Mission accomplished. Haha. My mum couldn’t recognize him lah. >.< Anyway, it was really nice having my mum there.

My mum left at midnight coz she wanted to sleep. Ah.. now for time dedicated to my friends! And soon after she left, D actually came back and said ‘It took me 2 hours to consider your suggestion. I’ve decided to remove the banner’. Whoahahaha… my mum missed it!! But I was still so happy he did. Coz we all got a much better and complete view of the band after that. When I told D that lady beside me was my mum, he was like “ah! you didn’t tell me that was your mum!” XD

So what else made the night so special? Coz the lead singer, Ngak, SANG A CHINESE SONG!!!!!! I read their myspace profiles and knew that he can sing Chinese songs, but have never heard it.. and now.. I finally got my chance!! Eason chan’s “shi1 mian2” (insomnia).. super nice!! Really lah!! Next time must ask my colleagues to dedicate Chinese song for me. Haha.

Also, yesterday was the first time I heard the bassist (usually backup vocal) sing a song! As in.. not ngak singing but him singing lah. So I saw a variety of performances from timmy yesterday ^_^ Ah.. very eventful if you include the drum stick breaking and the electric guitar’s string snapping too.. lol

It was a fantastic night at Timbre. Unlimited happiness, I tell you. I love timbre, I love timmy ^_^


Ah.. there’s still Sunday before the weekend ends. So what’s up after 2 happening nights? Meeting Lawlypop after 1.5 yrs! (we last met when he gave me a farewell treat before I left for exchange in US) Lawlypop invited me to go Settler’s Café today afternoon. I haven’t been there since… I think.. 2005? Or 2004? Sam’s 21st bdae if I am not wrong. Haha. And this was a special event. Lawlypop’s a mensa member, and this is their monthly gathering where they can bring 2 friends for free! So I brought my bro along too.. to play game and at the same time see see who are the smartest people in Singapore. ^_^ Went up to the 2nd floor of the ClarkeQuay branch.. so nice!! And played some new games too.. I won most of them (and not because I was the only gal and they were being gentlemanly ok!!) Haha.. my bro too.. now now.. I don’t feel THAT stupid anymore. Haha.. was worried before it that me, being prolly the person with the lowest IQ there, would appear dumb in front of everyone else.. but ended up that they were pretty much more normal than I had expected. Haha. Can really see from their speech and thoughts that they are really smart people, but not smart until they’re weird or on totally different wavelength lah. So it was a fun experience ^_^ Thanks Lawlypop~~

Ah.. so that’s my exciting weekend right after exams. I wonder who actually finished reading every single word I wrote here >.<

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

** saturday afternoon **

rushed home to try and sleep today.. coz i was out late last nite.. and will be out late again tonite.. btu i can't seem to fall asleep.. so.. entertaining myself before i head out!! ^_^

You Sometimes Don't Get Enough Sleep

You're often more tired than you'd like, and you're probably not getting enough quality sleep.
Sleeping a little more could make you a lot more energetic and happy.
Try having a bedtime, keep your bedroom cool, and only eat fruit before bed.
Do You Get Enough Sleep?

i thought i sleep pretty much when i can. why not enuff sleep? humph

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Inside you've got the passion and ideals of a teenager
And your intensity for life is what attracts most of the men you date
You also like to party - and quite often you're the life of the party
You've brought the best of your younger years with you... at least most of the time.
Are You A Girl Or a Woman?

You Are 32% Bitchy

You're a pretty sweet person, and you're definitely not prone to bitchy outbursts.
Sometimes, though, you can't help thinking mean thoughts about people. But at least you don't act on them!
How Bitchy Are You?

haha so i'm quite a nice person eh? XD

Your Love Life Secrets Are

Looking back on your life, you will have a few true loves.

You've been deeply wounded in the past, and you're still recovering from that hurt.

It's important to you that your lover is very attractive. You like to have someone to show off.

In fights, you are able to walk away and calm down. You are able to weather the storm.

Getting over a break-up doesn't take long. Easy come, easy go.
Your Love Life Secrets, Revealed

true meh? the first and last point.. hmm.. FEW true loves??

Your Aura is Yellow

You're a deeply happy and content person, and you enjoy sharing your cheer with others.
While you may seem like a simple optimist, there is a lot of thinking going on inside you.

The purpose of your life: bringing joy and a better life to others

Famous yellows include: Conan O'Brien, Jenny Mccarthy, Jim Carrey

Careers for you to try: Athlete, Actor, Yoga Instructor
What Color Is Your Aura?

ah.. nice.. i light bright colors ^_^

Your Mind is G Rated

Your mind is cleaner than a nun's. You're totally pure.
In fact, you often don't catch on to how dirty the world really is.
Do You Have a Dirty Mind?

You Have Low Self Esteem 24% of the Time

Generally, you feel pretty darn great about who you are, even when you mess up or fail.
Occasionally, a huge setback will make you question yourself, but you pick yourself up quickly.
How is Your Self Esteem?

Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.

Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.

You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!

People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

What Is Your Seduction Style?

You've Experienced 48% of Life

You have a good deal of life experience, about as much as someone in their late 20s.
You've seen and done enough to be quite wise, but you still have a lot of life to look forward to.
How Much Life Experience Do You Have?

Your Love Style is Agape

You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner.
Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare.
You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie.
Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you.
For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.
What's Your Love Style?

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

So glad that the peanut butter balls were well received. In fact, they were so good that before I knew it, the first batch disappeared without me knowing, and I made a 2nd (and bigger) batch the very same day (if not my sis wouldn’t even have gotten a chance to try it!). ^_^ and tho the photo looks terrible, it’s tasty ok. I just dun bother to make my food look pretty. Just like I make irregularly-shaped cookies, I make ugly peanut butter balls too. Hehe~ Seems like I am not the only ‘toddler’ at home who likes to eat milo powder mixed with peanut butter ok. And since it’s toddler food, I believe it is quite good! Milk powder leh.. all that calcium (yeah original recipe is milk powder.. but I prefer milo.. haha.. makes it taste like REESES.. peanut butter n choc.. yum~) then there’s honey.. all those benefits of honey, no need to mention.. and wheat germ! Full of vitamin.. err.. E? or issit B? some vitamin lah.. and folate.. woohoo~~ who said it’s unhealthy? XD


I think I am going crazy. Really. I cannot help it. Here’s what happened:

Couple of months ago, I was overworked, and to add on, insomnia. I ended up walking around like a zombie, not really knowing what I was doing everyday. Then came news that a friend had lost something. Nothing expensive, but the thought of a thief lurking somewhere nearby wasn’t pleasant. To add on, the stolen good was later on discovered in the toilet. Not knowing what had happened, and worried there might be more to it, CCTV was looked into. I don’t know why, but a thought suddenly came into my mind, “what if it was me? Being in my zombie state, I could have done something semi-consciously?” Fortunately, it was later discovered that, it wasn’t me. What a relief. I was a zombie, but a zombie who is honest. ^_^

Recently, something more serious happened. This time, I had more sleep and I am in “human state”. Yet, I couldn’t help but think.. “was it me? Did I come here that day without knowing? Like.. schizophrenia?” And it wasn’t just a fleeting thought. Everytime the topic is brought up, my mind goes into a blur. When the outcome of the investigation was being reported, I was unable to concentrate on what I was working on. WHY!? This has absolutely nothing to do with me! The only explanation is that I am going bonkers!! (and watched too much tv on schizophrenics >.<)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

** Long awaited Graduation **

And this marks THE day I am done with college!! GOODBYE NUS!~ ^_^

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Studying is really boring. And thus I decided to download a video editor and play with it. Upon request, I have compressed and uploaded the wonderful performance by PUNCH from RJC concert 2007. ^_^

(it’s really compressed lah.. so blur >.<)

And I also extracted all the 5 songs performed in that PUNCH performance.. this is much clearer.. and I like it more ^_^ (tho the jokes are missing lah! Haha) enjoy~ (and don’t forget to notice the wonderful beatboxing by my bro!! haha~)


It’s a long day.. thus I also tried out a recipe that bong recommended.. (21 march 2007) not some big dishes, but a really cute lil’ snack meant for toddlers who refuse to eat their meals .XD potential mothers out there, take not!! Hahaha

Peanut Butter Balls!
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup honey
2 cups milo/powdered milk
1 cup wheat germ
- Mix peanut butter, honey, and milo/milk together. Roll out into small balls about the size of a walnut. Roll in wheat germ. Place on cookie sheet and refrigerate until set. Freeze if desired.
- Original recipe can be found here.

I heart peanut butter! ^_^

(and yes, my mum is scolding me once again for buying a whole big bottle of wheatgerm just to try this out >.< can’t blame me.. my kitchen has almost nothing!)

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Seems like, I am a rather slow person. Maybe I think on the surface too much. Once again, I only realize certain things after I talk to a friend. This time, is a different friend.

I didn’t notice what was the difference between this and before. I didn’t really bother either. Until she mentioned, did I realize what had been missing all along. Maybe because after all these years, I have learnt not to expect too much? After seeing so much, I have learnt to be less naïve and think that it can always be that ideal.

No, it can never be the same anymore. Go back there? What was there that was good, has left.

I guess it’s time I do some reflections. Been putting this off for some time, for there was no need. But now, it’s urgent, and it’s time. I hate to do this, but I can’t run away from it.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I don’t know if I am slow or what.. but I only realized some stuff after talking to a friend yesterday. I don’t know what to say.. but I do miss those times. Not like I don’t have it now, but situations don’t permit a complete experience anymore. Just like Dec 2003.. those few days.. were so memorable. I don’t think it was simply because tt was the first time I was on a holiday with friends, but more because there was something really special that the few of us shared. Not gender (coz there were 4 guys and 2 gals), not age (coz the oldest chap is 6 yrs older than me), but something much closer to the heart.

It’s not like I don’t see these friends anymore. But what I am saying is that, it is very seldom now that I face these kind of people both day and night, 24/7. To be “not of the world” is so hard to be. I feel so.. so.. ‘tainted’ all of a sudden. (yah I seem to have some problem expressing myself today). I used to be segregated from all these. Then, I started hearing it occasionally. Now, I am hearing, seeing, reading it all on a very regular basis. It’s not like I love it now.. I still get a headache whenever I hear it.. but there seems to be no running away.


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Monday, April 16, 2007

** Music weekend **

Friday, was Timmy!@Timbre. A wonderful experience (though short.. we had the best seats lah! Grr.. that carousel supper place.. stole the night from us all! argh!)

Saturday.. my brother’s concert!! Amazing performance, I must say. Kudos to all in the RJC and RI choir (guest). The last time I attended my bro’s concert was 2 yrs ago, coz last yr’s concert I was still in the US, thus missed it. RJC concerts are so different from the RI ones! Songs as cute (with those actions!) but with additional performances, like a short 15 minute skit.. by 10 members specially chosen by the conductor! Of course, my bro is in this 10 member group called PUNCH. I recorded the entire 15 minute skit, which was so funny (but I had to stifle my laughter coz I didn’t want my giggles to be heard in the recordings), the singing was fantastic, and my brother’s beat boxing was ultimately cool! So proud of him ^_^ (no way of uploading this.. coz it’s 1GB.. too big to go up on youtube >.<)

Oh he had another special performance.. the opening.. clapping performance! Interesting idea.. I’m totally please with the concert I attended ^_^

Sunday.. the long awaited Phantom of the Opera! 14 years ago I missed the Singapore performance. This time round, I made sure I didn’t miss it! It’d not my first time watching this musical though. Last year, on april 25, I watched it at Broadway, NewYork. 13 years after I first heard of the musical, I watched it at broadway. 1 year later, I watched it again in Singapore. Being only 1 year apart, I was actually quite skeptical, and wondered if it would be any less enjoyable than my first experience. Well, definitely not. The moment the chandelier rose and the music started, I couldn’t control my tears from welling up in my eyes, as though this was the first time I had watched the musical, after 13 years of waiting. The magical disappearances and wonderful costumes still wowed me. I love phantom!!! ^_^
(oh.. and so coincidentally, tzeling went on same day as me too! Haha.. always have tt special memory of her.. how she n peiling took homeless me n cat in during our first week in philly.. ^_^)
(I saw they sold the phantom mask, for $30.. I didn’t see that during my trip to NY. Friend had said that if only they sold it there, he’d have bought it.. sis asked if I wanna buy for him.. well.. I guess.. there’s no need anymore)


Amidst the music weekend, I did something meaningful too. Bong invited CF and I to join her to help paint IMH’s day centre at redhill. It so happens that the person who started this day centre, is the gal I met when I visited Orchard Pres last week! I had thought that we were repainting the entire centre. Ended up, we were simply required to paint 2 murals on the walls, for a “calming down corner”. Thus, we had wild sunflowers with butterflies on one wall, and lotus with dragonflies on another. Total tranquility! I was so pleased with the work. ^_^ Had a wonderful morning. They got down our numbers, and will be calling us down to help out in many other mural works. Anyone interested to help out in such fun things can join me too! ^_^


It always feels nice to be remembered. And when you do not expect too much of others and not take them for granted, you actually appreciate everything so much better. Pacey once mentioned before that he can be our (chestnutties) photographer for graduation. (and wedding too LOL) I heard, but dismissed it coz I don’t want to expect too much. Today, he mentioned it again. Pacey’s photos are really nice.. (link to his photo blog are linked at the sidebar) Just a mention, but I just feel so fortunate to know someone liddat. Thanks Pacey ^_^

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh this is so cool. Someone across the world in Brazil discovered the FatSunshineClub blog, and linked it to his!! (I don’t understand the language, but I think he’s some reporter..) WOOHOO~ our first step to stardom!! ^_^
(dated April 12 2007)


And specially for pacey, I must mention… thanks dude for taking French together! I had a really great time learning with u.. and thanks for going for the oral exam with a lousy partner like me.. someone who speaks thai in place of French at times! >.< and yeah.. the last day of French exam, I saw ‘cute indian boy’ (as CF likes to call him).. I thought I’d never see him for the rest of my life! Haha.. it’s fate.. we meet again.. lol ^_^ Anyway. Tt’s all for French. It’s time to change language and back to thai again. Revise it in a mth and I’d be ready to go Thailand again!! ~


For those who’re interested.. Here are some stuff about Timmy! That fangers found right on the night we saw them for the first time. All that for fangers saying Timmy!’s “a weird band that has a member who looks like steven lim (mind you.. she was talking abt the cute lead singer ngak!) and a silly bassist who smiles to himself too much”. All fake!! Say it’s a weird band but she’s the most enthusiastic about searching about them.
Anyway.. here’s their MySpace account, with all their profiles in there.. and their blog by the guy eric, who started the band. Enjoy~~

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